Serging and Fringing

81200 Union Special

The 81200 serger is the machine that provided the breakthrough in the carpet sewing industry. It was the first machine designed specifically to sew carpets and rugs.

Titan DK2200

The Titan DK2200 is specifically designed for applications on woven and tufted carpets, as well as, fashion scarves.

Titan DK2500

This machine is specifically designed to sew an overedge stitch on woven or tufted carpets, car carpets and industrial fabrics.

Titan DK4500AHC

This newest addition to the Titan machines is faster and allows you to increase your production without wearing out more parts.

Build Port Serger

81200CZ for Car Mats

This machine is designed for car mats and their various curves.


This Pegasus serger is a heavy-duty, high speed machine with a top feed is designed to sew up to 8500 stitches per minute. It is especially made to sew lightweight to medium weight goods.

Portable 81200

N C has built a portable machine on the 81200 frame. This machine provides table model strength with a portable setup.

Extra Puller

We have perfected this extra puller for sewing machines to ease the sewing process. The puller is available for the Titan DK2500 Serger, Union Special 81200 Serger, Union Special 53100 Binder, as well as other types of machines.