Knives and Shears

Wolf Slim Jim

This cutter is the standard here in the carpet industry. It uses high carbon steel blades to cut through the toughest of carpets.

Carpet Shears

These carpet shears are used to shear carpet before binding or after laying carpet.

Eastman Cardinal

Eastman round knives are ideally suited for cutting large radius curves, straight lines and are applicable for a wide range of difficult to cut materials.

Eastman Chickadee

The Chickadee is the smallest rotary shear available and is the perfect upgrade to, or replacement for hand held shears.

Electric Carver

Portable Beveler

This machine is used to bevel the edges of very thick carpet before binding or serging.

Portable Shear

When you need to shear a wider area on a carpet on site. this is the perfect machine for the job.