This complete system consists of the patented 70184EHW wide-bite butt-seamer on a trolley used in conjunction with a trimmer and a railway. The system can be powered pneumatically or with electricity. This machine system can be used in all areas of sewing; tufting, dyeing, finishing and shearing. It eliminates the need for different types of sewing heads.
This machine sews a wide overedge seam that allows the seam to be flat when the carpet is stretched. The flatter the finished seam, the less carpet is lost throughout the complete process.

Because the machine is a very heavy-duty machine, parts are built on a heavier scale and have less breakage. These heavy-duty parts decrease downtime and allows you to increase sewing speed.

The trimmer that is used with this system is a heavy-duty cutter with twin blades. These blades make a scissor cut and are safer to use than single blade cutters. The trimmer cuts the carpet evenly before sewing with the butt-seamer.

The railway is available in varying lengths according to the width of carpet you plan to sew. The trimmer is moved down the railway first to trim carpets for sewing. Then the butt-seamer is self-propelled down the railway.

This is a close up of the heavy duty loopers in the 70184EHW.