Portable Carpet Binder

  • Bobbin Type Portable Binders
  • Take them on the jobsite or utilize in-house
  • Lightweight, easy to use, built to last many years

Take  this Portable Carpet Binding Machine on the jobsite or keep it in-house. It is capable of applying various binding tapes

NCS Top Shear is designed and manufactured in the USA.  Its powerful motor allows you to shear 2-3’x deeper in one single pass.  The quality and design of this unit has reset the standard in the industry.  Whether you are a carpet mill, carpet cleaner, custom rug maker, carpet recycler, or installer the NCS is guaranteed to streamline your operation and provide precision carpet pile height shearing.

NCS Carpet Shear Features:

  • 1/2 Horsepower motor, 5000 RPM’s
  • Proudly designed & Manufactured in the USA
  • Weighs 25lbs, easily carried on the jobsite
  • Extra Heavy Design, Built For Life
  • Available in 110volts and 220volts.
  • Shears deeper in a single pass.
  • Easily adjustable shearing depth

 NC Carpet Beveler
The Carpet Binder’s Best Friend The NC Portable Carpet Beveler shears the edge of thick piled carpet on exact height and angle. Easily adjustable, the Beveler is mounted on casters, thus enabling you to bevel an area rug in seconds.  It is also employed by carpet workrooms who perform inlays and custom borders. This unit provides exact shearing in a single pass.  This is a must have tool for any carpet binding workroom.